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Peepoo is a personal, single-use, self-sanitising, fully biodegradable toilet that prevents faeces from contaminating the immediate area as ...


The AFRISAN S.P.U.D (Solar Powered Urine Diversion) Toilet is a solar-powered, self-contained toilet that includes a composting process.

DIY - EcoSanRes Arborloo Compost Toilet

The EcoSanRes Arborloo Compost Toilet is a do-it-yourself toilet that creates compost out of excreta.

DIY - Greywater System

The Lagrima Purificada Greywater System is a do-it-yourself greywater filtration system that can be built with local materials and easily ma...

Toilets for People(TfP) The CRAPPER

The C.R.A.P.P.E.R. (Compact Rotating Aerobic Pollution Prevention Excreta Reducer) is a transportable, affordable and easy-to-use composting...
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