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Envirofit G-3300 Wood Cookstove

The Envirofit G-3300 is a cookstove that reduces smoke and harmful gases, requires a reduced amount of wood, and cuts down on cooking time.


The EcoStove is a clean, and efficient wood-burning stove. It has an efficiency of approximately 20% and allows multiple cooking tasks.

Soluciones Comunitarias Block Stove

Soluciones Comunitarias' Block Stove is an efficient and clean stove that has a chimney that removes smoke completely from the house. By usi...

The UGASTOVE Rocket Stove

The UGASTOVE Rocket Stove is an efficient wood-burning stove that saves fuel and reduces emissions.

Trees, Water & People Justa Stove

The Justa stove is essentially an insulated masonry box with a Rocket Elbow Combustion Chamber that allows wood to burn up to 70% more effic...

Solar Oven Society Sport Solar Oven

The Solar Oven Society's Solar Sport Oven is a cooker that cooks using solar power. It requires no cooking fuel or flammable fluids.

StoveTec Wood Stove

The StoveTec Wood Stove is a single door wood-burning stove designed to reduce both the amount of fuel necessary and the emissions produced.

Wonderbag Cooking Bag

Wonderbag is an insulated heat-retention cooking bag in which people can cook anything from meaty stews and vegetable curries to simple rice...

Soluciones Comunitarias Rocket Stove

The Soluciones Comunitarias Rocket Stove is an effective and efficient wood-burning improved cookstove.

Toyola Energy Efficient Cook Stove

Toyola's Energy Efficient Cook Stoves use standard charcoal but are 40% more efficient than the traditional stoves used in the region.

D&E EcoRecho Stove

D&E's EcoRecho stove is an efficient cooking stove that is manufactured locally using local raw materials.

DIY - Practical Action Fireless Cooker

This DIY Fireless Cooker, designed by Practical Action, uses stored heat to cook food over a long period of time. The food is cooked on a tr...

DIY - Patsari Stove

The Patsari Stove is an alternative cooking stove that helps limit deforestation and decrease occurrence of respiratory illnesses associated...

DIY - Vita Lorena Stove

Vita's Lorena Stove is a smokeless stove that can be constructed with locally available materials and reduces the occurrence of respiratory ...

DIY - Rocket Stove

This build it yourself rocket stove is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of fuel necessary to cook a meal compared to a traditional...

DIY - Aprovecho Justa Stove

This build it yourself Justa stove is easy to construct, long lasting, and efficient, and significantly reduces smoke inhalation.

Portable Metal Stove

Soluciones Comunitarias' Portable Metal Stove is an efficient and clean stove that has a chimney that removes smoke completely from the hous...
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