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Kickstart MoneyMaker Hip Pump

The MoneyMaker Hip Pump was developed to create a lower cost and lighter weight, portable pump. Sold in a bundle together with the hose pipe...

Ossian Agro Automation Nano Ganesh

Nano Ganesh is a GSM Mobile based remote control system that allows farmers to control their water pumps from any distance.

S.K.I. Metal/Zimbabwe Treadle Pump

The Metal/Zimbabwe Treadle Pump is used to lift water from shallow wells and surface sources and can be maintained at low cost in developing...

Sunlabob Solar Water Pump System

Sunlabob's Solar Water Pump System is supplied with power directly from a solar array and pumps water when the sun is shining. It is more e...

IDEO Aquaduct

The Aquaduct is a pedal-powered concept vehicle that transports, filters, and stores water. The functional model was designed and constructe...

Vestergaard Frandsen LifeStraw

LifeStraw is a point-of-use water filter in both personal and family versions that allows individuals and families to create their own safe ...

Bombagua Q-Beta Water Filter

The Q-Beta water filter works by gravity, and is long lasting and easy to transport and set up.

Pure Water for the World Biosand Filter

This intermittent slow sand filter is about the size of an office water cooler, constructed of concrete and plastic pipe, and filled with mu...

HELPS Gravity Water Filter

The gravity water filter uses two containers and provides up to 10 gallons of safe drinking water every four hours. It is easy to assemble a...

PSI Safe Water Solution

Safe Water Solution is a dilute sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) solution used to disinfect water at the household level. One capful of soluti...

BushProof Bio-sand Filter

The BushProof Bio-sand Filter uses several layers of different organic materials to filter out harmful microorganisms.

Aqua Clara Water Purifier

The Aqua Clara Water Purifier is an easily constructed water filter made from widely available materials that has no moving parts and requir...

P&G Water Purification Packet

The P&G Water Purification packet is an easily transportable and simple way to purify water that can be used anywhere in the world.

Sawyer PointONE Filter

The Sawyer Point One Filter is a true barrier point-of-use filter that cleanses water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.


The UV-Tube is a low maintenance, affordable, and effective method of purifying water using ultra-violet light.

Stéfani Flex Filter

The Stéfani Flex is a lightweight and easy to handle filter. It utilizes a float valve to duplicate the reservoir water capacity.


Solvatten is a portable 11 liter container that harnesses sunshine to heat and treat water at the household level.

Basic Water Needs Tulip Siphon Filter

The Tulip siphon water filter is a candle type water filter which uses gravity siphon pressure to force water through a high-quality ceramic...

Potters for Peace Ceramic Water Purifier

The Ceramic Water Purifier (CWP) is a simple, bucket-shaped (11 inches wide by 10 inches deep) clay vessel that is made from a mix (by weigh...

Grupo EOZ ZEOZ Purifier

ZEOZ is a combination filter+faucet installable on any container with outlet orifice. The filter is a hollow fiber membrane filter at 0.1 mi...

Hippo Water Roller

The Hippo Water Roller is a barrel-shaped container that enables a person to transport 90 liters (24 gallons) of water at a time.

DIY - Practica Foundation Rope Pump

The Practica Foundation Rope Pump is a do-it-yourself household level pump for drinking water and small scale productive use in areas with w...

DIY - Peace Corps Water Storage Tank

This inexpensive build-it-yourself water storage tank is designed to hold up to 300 liters of water.

Waterbuck Pump

The Waterbuck Pump is a human powered, deep well hand pump that can pump up to 30 gallons per minute without electricity.


The FILTREOZ Kit is a combination filter+faucet installable on any container with outlet orifice. The filter is a hollow fiber membrane filt...


The Ecofiltro is a water filter made from clay, sawdust and colloidal silver that filters two liters of water per hour, trapping bacteria.

Jompy Water Boiler

The Jompy Water Boiler is a lightweight and inexpensive fire top device which sits between cooking pots on an open flame. It enables househo...


bobĀ® is a rainwater storage reservoir that is kept and used at the household level.

Test for Rain water harvesting

Test for Rain water harvesting
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